Conditions of car hire at "Geo Rent Car"

Contrary to popular belief, car rental - it's not that simple, but very simple. To get a car in the "Geo Rent Car" can almost everyone who satisfies the requirements on age and has driving experience. The only thing to do is submit two documents to the Delivery Manager: passport and driver's license valid on the territory of Georgia.

The whole process takes on average 15-20 minutes. Requirements imposed by "Geo Rent Car" to the drivers of rental cars:

  1. Car hire can be carried out by persons from 21 to 65 age.
  2. Having the experience of driving no less than two years.

Security deposit is required, which includes the equivalent to the sum of $ 200 in local currency, according to the exchange rate of National Bank of Georgia on the day of settlement.

Car rent in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi is carried out in accordance with the rates indicated in the price list. Tariffs include car insurance services: insurance claims in case of accident, causing property damage and car theft, liability insurance, part of the tax revenues. Petrol is not included in the rate schedule. Additional discounts are discussed individually in each case.

The basic principle of our car rent service is the openness and full transparency in our relationship with the customer. Car Hire - this is an area in which we are professionals. We always like to draw your attention to the conditions of service for the car rent and try to prevent in advance any misunderstanding that may arise during the period of renting a car. For the convenience and safety of our customers during the rental period, if necessary, we will provide free phone with local SIM-card. You can always be in touch with the office "Geo Rent Car" and contact us from anywhere in Georgia. We hope that your journey will leave only good impressions.

However, unfortunately, no one is safe from an unpleasant situation. And we feel obliged to explain you what must be done in this case. For this reason, in order to prevent possible conflicts during the exploitation of the car, please, pay attention to the terms of the contract which is concluded when issuing a car.

It is strictly prohibited to use a car in heavy off-road conditions! In the absence of the representative of the company of "Geo Rent Car" it is at least unsafe for YOUR LIFE!

We care about your safety and highly recommend you to order a jeep-tour escorted by guides who are experts of local roads and take into account the season and features of exploitation of the automobile under the conditions of the local terrain.

Here are some points that need attention:

  • All vehicles are insured in case of damage and theft in one of the leading insurance companies in Georgia. Insurance includes franchise equal to the amount of collateral.
  • In the case of breakage during the exploitation of the car, our company will immediately send our specialists to you.
  • From the beginning the customer is supplied with a certain amount of gasoline that is fixed in the act of reception and transmission.
  • Further priming of the automobile is performed by the customers in accordance with their needs and fuel appropriate for the passport specification of the car.
  • The car must be returned with the same amount of gasoline that was given out.
  • When returning a car with more petrol than it was when issuing vehicle, the cost of petrol is not returned.
  • The car should be returned after washing in pure form and with a clean salon.
  • In the case of a dirty car process of returning the automobile can be difficult and increased over time. In addition, from a leaseholder the cost of washing of car and cleaning of salon holds out on the price of auto rent.
  • A lessee is under an obligation to execute the requirements of instruction on the exploitation of car, given out before the beginning of car hire.
  • In the event of a damaged vehicle, associated with its misuse, the cost of repairs is compensated by the tenant;
  • When issuing a car Car Rental Manager conducts initial inspection of the vehicle, together with the tenant and adds to the act all possible damages of basket of car, his knots and aggregates. Inspection report shall be signed by the parties. When you return the car re-examination is conducted to determine the presence or absence of damage.
  • Our company has a right to claim right to the leaseholder of car in size of cost of repair works, in case of presence of the new damages, discovered at the return of car from a lease, not executed in accordance with the requirements of insurance company.
  • In case of an accident or finding it on the damage (dents, scratches, broken glass, etc.), the lessee shall immediately inform:
    1. Dispatching service of our company by phone
      +995 593 93 00 99 (24/7).
    2. Dispatching service of the insurance company (Aldagi) by phone
      +995 322 444 999 and call police 122 for documentary fixing.
  • In the certificate, designed in the place of accident by the employees of police it is necessary to specify ALL damages inflicted as a result of accident. We kindly ask you to pay a special attention to this nuance. All damages not indicated in a primary certificate by the employees of police in the place of accident are not paid by the insurance a company and will be compensated by a leaseholder.
  • In most emergency cases for organization of evacuation of the damaged car from the place of accident it is necessary to contact the "Geo Rent Car" company.
  • In case of finding the tenant in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication at the moment of accident, the whole cost for the damaged car and also costs for the damage inflicted to the third person is paid by the tenant.
  • The transfer of rights on driving the vehicle to third party is possible only by power of attorney given out by our company. In the case of accident, the cost of damaged the car, as well as the cost of damage inflicted to the third party, will be compensated by the tenant.
  • In case of accident, registered in accordance with all rules listed above, the responsibility of the customer does not exceed the size of a deductible or a security deposit.