FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How many years does the company "Geo Rent Car" exist on the car rental market of Georgia?

We have been working for about five years and have proved ourselves as a reliable and reputable company. Constantly developing and improving, our staff carefully monitors the latest trends, regularly adding to the list of services for rental car fresh and interesting suggestions for our customers.

In what cities are offices of your company in Georgia?

Our office and car park, where you can directly pick up the car, is in Tbilisi at Lermontov Street, 9 (near the Liberty Square). For the present there isn't any offices in other cities of Georgia, however we can deliver the car in every place in the country, if you rent. In addition, on request we will bring the car to the building of the airport of Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi, hotels, on Georgia border points.

What the difference between the company "Geo Rent Car" and other car rental?

Our main and indisputable advantage is the presence of our own car park. All offered machines are owned by the "Geo Rent Car", so if customers demand, we are ready to show the log of the rented car, which identifies the owner - the company "Geo Rent Car LTD". All conditions of cooperation clearly stated in the contract, which is a guarantee of high quality of services.

Why is it so important the absence of intermediaries in the car rental?

We value our reputation, safety and comfort of our customers. For the technical condition of the "third party" cars we cannot take responsibility. Therefore, the company "Geo Rent Car" offers customers the machine only from its own car park, which runs regular technical inspection at authorized service centers. Besides, in the case of force majeure (accident, breakage, damage), we always come to your rescue.

How often can breakage happen on rented car?

The machine, like any mechanism, may sometimes give failures in the work of the objective, beyond our control reasons. We carefully monitor the condition of each vehicle, but exclude 100% probability of failure is impossible.

What is being done in the cases of machine failure?

In such situations, we send you a mechanic who finds out the cause of failure. If the defect is small — the mechanic will eliminate the problem as soon as possible on the place. If it is serious damage we offer to the client the car the same class for the period of repair or until the end of the lease. Of course, we take into account the lost time and inconvenience caused to the customer and we return some money from the payment as compensation to a customer.

Is your car insured?

Absolutely all cars "Geo Rent Car" are insured by leading insurance companies in Georgia. You can verify this at the signing of the lease agreement, seeing the current policy in our office or by contacting the insurer.

In what cases doesn’t the security deposit return ($200)?

Machines are insured with a minimum franchise. In this regard, the insurance company does not pay partial damage to a certain amount. But this does not mean that the customer does not get the money at all when the insured event happens. The amount depends on the degree of damage, the car forced downtime associated with repairs. As a rule, it is damage of glass, mirrors, bumpers, wheels, bodywork minor scratches, dents. Therefore, in some situations it may be, for example, $ 50 or $70, and in some, and the maximum amount of the deposit in the $ 200. This is determined by the independent assessment of the damage certified repair shops.

Do I need a down payment while booking?

As a rule, we try not to demand advance payment from the client, if you have a lot of free cars in this period. However, in the season or when a large number of orders is acceptable, so that we reserve for a particular client, his chosen vehicle. As a rule, the amount of the advance payment is $50 per machine.

Are non-cash payment possible?

At the customer's request, we will invoice for services that can be paid out anywhere in the world. Our company receives money transfers, both from individuals and legal entities, including tourist companies in Georgia.

Is payment by credit card possible?

Yes, of course, along with payment of cash in the office we accept major credit cards and payment systems - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club. The only prerequisite is breakage deposit to be paid by cash.

Is provided vehicles equipped by satellite monitoring systems?

Yes, almost all the cars are equipped with such systems. Thanks to satellite monitoring systems, we can promptly notify the client of the prohibition of movement in certain areas or recall observing speed limits, thereby protecting it from unwanted charges (deposit hold on a treaty banning travel to places without asphalt cover, and fines for speeding).

Can the customer enter the territory of Armenia by the rental car?

Yes, you can go to Armenia, but only with pre-decorated notary resolution (it costs $ 100) and an increased deposit for the car ($ 300). Unfortunately, for the citizens of countries in the Eurasian Economic Community, this service is not available.

Can a person drive the rental car who is not written in the contract of renting a car as the second driver?

If a person is not fixed in the contract as a second or third driver, he mustn't drive, because it is strictly prohibited. Drawing up the agreement we enter the second or third driver over 21 years, with experience of driving at least 2 years. This requires an additional fee - from $2 to $5 per day depending on the rental period.

Are there any restrictions of driving on the territory of Georgia?

Our country applies the same rule as in other European countries: absolutely you cannot drive a car in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, violate the rules of the road, exceed the speed limit.

Do you make a discount for regular customers?

We are very pleased that the number of people who uses our service is growing every year. Many of them have become our good friends. We always try to please the regular customers by discounts and bonuses (for example, do not require the introduction of advance, renew the contract at no additional cost, and so on.). Moreover, your recommendations of regular customers "Geo Rent Car" can help to get discounts for new guests, who arrived in Georgia for the first time.